Capture (Weighing of Fish)

When recording a fish for Capture points or for one of the Heaviest Awards, there are several points to keep in mind.

All Captures must be weighed on a set of reputable scales – no estimates are allowed.

As per GFAA rules, all Gamefish must weigh at least equal the line class being used (1:1)

It is highly recommended that Gamefish due for release, are weighed in a net or sling. This is obviously to reduce any possible damage to the fish’s backbone that can occur, especially with larger gamefish. The weight of the net or sling can then be deducted from the overall weight.

All Sharks and Eagle Rays must weigh at least double the line class being used (2:1)

You are also encouraged to, (if possible) weigh Sharks and Eagle Rays due for release in a net or sling. Once again, the weight of the net or sling is to be deducted from the overall weight.

All captures for Club points / trophies / awards are allowed to be weighed on board a boat. If the scale is ‘bouncing’ in any manner, the lowest reading is to be recorded.

When releasing a ‘Capture point scoring’ Gamefish or Shark, it is permissible to place a Tag into it prior to release. Obviously the Tag Card needs to be completed as per normal and returned with the Recording Certificate. You must then state on your Recording certificate that you wish to receive ‘Capture’ points.

All types of line are allowed to be used to record a Capture, for either points or one of the Heaviest Awards. However, Members are strongly discouraged from using super lines to specifically attain large numbers of points.

As per PIRSA regulations, there is a limit of two rods to be used by an angler at any one time.

The Club has it’s own set of 300kg tested scales for large captures and are available for use by all Members – these are kept at a location in Adelaide – if you require them, please contact the President or Secretary.

AGFC Eligible Species List – Saltwater

Albacore, Marlin, Striped Shark, Whaler *

Amberjack, Rainbow Runner, Spearfish

Barracuda, Sailfish, Tuna, Bigeye

Bonito, Samson Fish, Tuna, Bluefin

Broadbill Shark, Blue Tuna, Dogtooth

Cobia Shark, Gummy * Tuna, Large Scale

Eagle Ray, Shark, Hammerhead * Tuna, Long Tail

Mackeral, Broad Barred Shark, Mako * Tuna, Mackeral

Mackeral, Narrow Barred Shark, Porbeagle * Tuna, Skipjack (Striped)

Mackeral, Spotted Shark, School (Tope) * Tuna, Southern Bluefin

Mahi Mahi (Dolphinfish) Shark, Thresher * Tuna, Yellowfin

Marlin, Black Shark, Tiger * Wahoo

Marlin, Pacific Blue Yellowtail Kingfish Australian Salmon

Snapper Silver Trevally Mulloway


AGFC Eligible Species List – Freshwater

Barramundi Perch, English (Redfin) Saratoga

Bass, Australian Perch, Estuary Tench

Carp Perch, Golden Trout, Brook

Catfish, Freshwater Perch, Silver Trout, Brown

Mangrove Jack Salmon, Atlantic Trout, Rainbow

Murray Cod Salmon, Chinook