General Information

Please be aware that the AGFC operates under the Fishing Rules and Regulations as set out by The Game Fishing Association of Australia (GFAA)

Please make yourself familiar with these rules as all recordings must be made in accordance with these.

As a Committee we would also like to remind Members of the responsibility which comes with being a Member of a Club. It is necessary to keep this in mind as we are all representatives of our Club within the greater fishing community.

Marine Parks – Restricted Areas

AGFC Members are reminded to obey the laws with regard to these.  No fishing activity is to occur within Sanctuary Zones or restricted areas.  Only recordings that have been captured in Public Accessible Waterways will be allowed for any club points or awards.  Any questions, please seek clarification from the Rules Advisor.


All recordings must be submitted to the Weight Recorder within 14 days of the conclusion of your trip. Club Recording Certificates must be filled out entirely (along with Tag Cards) Incomplete Recording Certificates or Tag Cards will see the Weight Recorder contact the Angler for them to be rectified.  If a Member repeatedly fails to complete the required information – the recording may be disqualified, resulting in not being eligible for points or awards. 

Record Applications

Any AGFC Financial Member may apply for a record.

State Records (SAGFA) and Australian Records (GFAA) can be viewed on line at

Please make yourself familiar with the process of how to apply for a Record. Information is available in your GFAA Journal or on line at

Should you land a potential Record, we advise that you contact a Committee Member immediately who can help you through the process.

Club Website

Our new Club website is for the benefit of all Members. It is primarily designed to keep you up to date with the latest news, and as a way of promoting our Sponsors to the community. As usual, we take pride in displaying the photos which you submit to us. This is a major part of our site and one which we want all you to be involved in. If you take a couple pictures on your next outing, please send us a copy so we can all check them out! Please log on to


There are several items of Club Merchandise now available, including new shirts and hooded windcheaters – contact Alan Foreman to make an order.