Tags for specific species

Pink Small Pelagic Tag – Australian Salmon, Silver Trevally, Snapper

Yellow Large Pelagic Tag – All other eligible species as listed below

Steel Head Tag – Eagle Rays and All Sharks


FISH / SHARKS / EAGLE RAYS Tagged with an incorrect type of tag are not eligible for points or awards

General Tag Info

Tags can be sourced from the Club’s Tag Manager – Shane Evans

His contact details are shane@rowlandsmetal.com.au – 0430 482 566

Steel Head and Yellow Pelagic Tags are supplied to members for free, however the Pink Small Pelagic Tags cost $1.00 each – payable on collection of the tags

Once a tag has been used, the corresponding card must be returned to the Weight Recorder (Alan Foreman), within 14 days of the conclusion of your trip. It is also to be accompanied by a Club Recording Certificate, filled out in full with all of the corresponding details. To be eligible for any Club award or trophy, the Tag Card must be filled out entirely and correctly, including GPS marks. (for personal marks – an approximate is fine)

When tagging fish, please keep the health of the fish or shark as your highest priority – by keeping the time out of the water to a minimum. Also do your best to insert the tag in the correct position and facing in a manner that is streamlined with the fish or shark’s shape.

Gaffs are not to be used to land Gamefish, Sharks or Eagle Rays which are due to be tagged.

Members are also encouraged to use single hook rigs when targeting Sharks for Tagging.

As per PIRSA regulations, there is a limit of two rods to be used by an angler at any one time.


GFAA Eligible Species List – Tag and Release

Albacore Marlin, Striped Shark, Whaler *

Amberjack Rainbow Runner Spearfish

Barracuda Sailfish Tuna, Bigeye

Bonito Samson Fish Tuna, Bluefin

Broadbill Shark, Blue Tuna, Dogtooth

Cobia Shark, Gummy * Tuna, Large Scale

Eagle Ray Shark, Hammerhead * Tuna, Long Tail

Mackeral, Broad Barred Shark, Mako * Tuna, Mackeral

Mackeral, Narrow Barred Shark, Porbeagle * Tuna, Skipjack (Striped)

Mackeral, Spotted Shark, School (Tope) * Tuna, Southern Bluefin

Mahi Mahi (Dolphinfish) Shark, Thresher * Tuna, Yellowfin

Marlin, Black Shark, Tiger * Wahoo

Marlin, Pacific Blue Yellowtail Kingfish ** Mulloway**

Australian Salmon ** Snapper ** Silver Trevally **


* All Sharks must be a minimum of 100cm in length


** Species with minimum lengths for Tagging

Kingfish, Yellowtail minimum size 70cm 

Australian Salmon – minimum size 40cm 

Snapper – minimum size 40cm 

Mulloway –  minimum size 60cm

Silver Trevally – minimum size 35cm