March 2013 – Satellite Tagging Shortfin Mako Sharks

Paul Rogers, Research Scientist from SARDI Aquatic Sciences has been working closely with Members of the AGFC recently – in particular, Dennis Heinicke and the crew aboard Shaka Zura out from Port Macdonnell.  As part of his ongoing research into the movements of Shortfin Mako Sharks in Southern Australia, he has several satellite tagged Sharks at liberty right now.  To keep up to date with their movements, follow this link, sit back and continue to be amazed like the rest of us as where these sharks travel to!http://www.wildlifetracking.org/index.shtml?project_id=308


March 2013 – Weight Recorder’s Report

Good Evening Members!

The last few months have seen considerable activity with over 250 fish recorded.  It was great to see members out in their boats chasing Tuna and Sharks off our south and west coasts.

Highlights included John Marsh capturing Tuna and his record Hammerhead off Victor Harbor, not to mention the successful “landing” of his first deckie, little Archie Marsh!  Congratulations to both John and Lousie.

Adam Todd and Brandon Poynter fished KI over Christmas, scoring Salmon, Trevally and big Bronzies land based.  Brandon caught his first Tuna and increased his PB Bronzie from four foot to nine foot, well done.

Stephi Ebel was the only point scorer on our Ladies Weekend with some great Eagle Rays on only two kilo line, something most of us would struggle to achieve!  Jennifer Snadden and small fry Cody Snadden recorded Tuna off Marion Bay, no doubt putting a smile on Mark’s face?  Nick Bence, Shannon and Mason Durnell also recorded great fish so we now boast four talented women and four keen juniors.

Congratulations to Andrew Sammut on his big Mako and especially for sharing his boat with so many of our members.

Despite poor weather, the KI Club Trip was very productive with only Rhys and myself recording fish.  There were wide spread schools of Tuna from Antechamber Bay to well offshore.  We spent the most of our time seeking variety and travelled over 200kms, scoring Bronze Whalers, Tope and Eagle Rays.  We missed catching our Grand Slam in a weekend as the Salmon and Trevally were a bit small to tag.  I managed to recapture one of my own Eagle Rays previously tagged two years ago!  This made it the 3rd time I have recaptured my own fish and my 19th recapture so it is worth the effort to quickly and carefully release your fish.

Several members have fished off Marion Bay onboard Raptor or in their own boats.  As you can see from the point score Aaron has been leading the way with large numbers of quality fish tagged off Yorke Peninsula.

Congratulations to Dennis Heinicke for trying something different off Port Macdonnell, he deserves the results!


Paul Williams


March 16th – 24th 2013

Marion Bay Tournament – Report

What a windy week we had in Marion Bay!  The forecast didn’t look great at the start of the week,  and several crews left it until the last minute on deciding what to do.  With less than favourable conditions on offer, the field was whittled down to just two boats.  Raptor (Mark Snadden) and Mistress (Andrew Sammut) braved the conditions, and together with their crews had a great week.  Tuna were the main catch, along with some sharks and other bits and pieces.  The week away certainly highlighted just how much potential the area offers, with the guys having ambitions to return soon.  Jake Laidlaw caught his personal best Bronze Whaler, estimated at 10 feet and 200kg.  It was released with tag in place, Well Done Jake! 




Start:  Saturday 16th  6:00am  Finish: Sunday 24th   6:00pm


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February 23rd 2013 – Overnight Mako Madness onboard Shaka Zura

Last week Dennis Heinicke spent a night drifting for sharks out from his home port of Pt Macdonnell.

Paul Rogers and Lance Walkom were also on board, and hopes were high of getting some more tags in as part of Paul’s ongoing research into Mako Sharks.   Considering they were out drifting in the shipping lanes, some one was always awake on watch, but from the sounds of what they experienced, sleep would have been hard to come by!  They ended up landing no fewer than 10 Makos for the night!  Apart from one single hour period, the team had free swimming Makos around the boat for the entire night, not a time to slip overboard!  Sounds like an entertaining evening I must say.


February 2013 – Big Mako a dream come true for Andrew Sammut

Andrew Sammut snuck out to Greenly Island last weekend with Brad Smith and hoped to tag a few tuna and maybe a shark or two.  Well, he certainly ticked all the boxes on this trip!  The boys got some SBT in close to Greenly as well as a couple of large Bronze Whalers in the anchorage overnight.  But it was in the afternoon when the highlight of the weekend swam up to the boat.  After taste testing nearly every part of Mistress (Andrew’s 21ft Carribean) the shark ate a neatly presented fillet of fresh Tuna in full view.  After some impressive runs and an even more impressive aerial display, a very nervous Brad reached for the trace, whilst Andrew placed the tag into a fish which he has dreamt of catching for a very long time.  The Mako was estimated at 9 feet long and a weight of 250kg+    Well done!  (Pic and video to come)


February 2013 – Club Trip  – Kangaroo Island

Members are reminded about our Kangaroo Island Club Trip which is coming up.

To encourage participation, recordings will be accepted if launching from either Victor Harbor, Cape Jervis or Marion Bay – Contact the committee if you need more info.

February – Friday 8th 6:00am – Monday 11th 6:00pm

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January 2013 – Pending State and Australian Record

John hammer 3kg

John Marsh has submitted a State and Australian Record Claim for a 23kg Hammerhead Shark he landed recently at Victor Harbor.  The claim is for the 3kg line class and is one which he has been chasing for some years now.  He was fishing aboard Fresh Eyre with good mate Nick and captured the shark in 45 minutes.  Congratulations to John on yet another fine capture.