January 3rd / 4th –  Ladies and Juniors Weekend

ALL South Australian Waters – Open to ALL GFAA species and Line Classes

Awards will be presented to the Highest Point Scoring Angler in the following sections:

SMALL FRY – Male and Female  /  JUNIORS – Male and Female  /  WOMENS – Open section

(Tag and Release AND Capture points will be combined to calculate the total score in each section)


Recordings submitted by men during this weekend will still be eligible for the Summer All Waters Challenge

January 7th – Victor Harbor is firing with plenty of SBT

Several AGFC boats have been chasing the Bluefin from Victor Harbor in the last week, with reports of fish as close as 2kms out from Newland Head.  Yes there has been a lot of boat traffic, but the best advice on offer would be to get away from the crowds and find your own fish.  The fish are spread far and wide, and are showing a definite preference to divers at this time.  Attention all Adelaide members, get out there now!

 DSCN9611P1070969                                                                     _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

February 10th – Weight Recorder’s Report

Good Afternoon Members,

I hope you all had a great Christmas break.  It was great to receive so many reports of you all out fishing.

The ‘November Shark and Eagle Ray Tournament was disappointing due to the lack of large Bronzies off St Kilda for the second year running.  Despite this, Shane Evans and crew put in plenty of hours and caught numerous small sharks to win with 860 points.

Our ‘Summer All Waters Challenge’ was well supported with numerous members chasing tuna off Victor Harbor and Yorke Peninsula.  Young Ben Rippin excelled again with Southern Bluefin and a great School Shark.  Matt, Felicity and Naomi Baird scored Snapper together while Matt and Belinda Bell tagged Eagle Rays at Port MacDonnell.  Roger Munn scored Murray Cod and Carp at Wentworth which are not eligible for the point score but are eligible for The Wilson Trophy (for interstate captures)  Aaron Komaromi tagged a great Bronzie off Pondalowie Bay as well as Tuna and Snapper.  Andrew Brook took the family out off Victor Harbor and all three junior Brooks caught Tuna!  Well done – now he needs one for Kylie!  Cody Snadden showed his style once again with another great Tuna capture.  The ‘Ladies and Juniors Weekend’ went well with Tiffany Sarah tagging Tuna and Ben Rippin tagging an Eagle Ray.  We currently have five ladies and three juniors with recordings which is a great effort on their behalf.

While K.I. was fairly quiet Lucy Williams scored her first Bronzie after a number of fruitless trips.  Her estimated 250kg fish on 15kg was a probable State and World record but she chose to tag and release it.  Since then we have tagged two big Bronzies at approximately 200kg and 300kg.  In six months time, the tags will detach and relay some fascinating information on the shark’s movements.

Congratulations to Shane Evans for the first Grand Slam of the season.  With great weather and a number of club trips coming up, it is a great time to chase your next species or record fish.  Unfortunately a few recordings wern’t eligible, so remember Eagle Rays must weigh twice the breaking strain of the line, Snapper cannot be tagged during the closure and only fish caught in SA are eligible for the point score. (except The Wilson Interstate Trophy)

Tight Lines,



February 13th – 16th   –   Kangaroo Island Club Trip

Open to ALL boat ramps –  Recordings must be made within 70 kilometre limit from any point on K.I.

Categories: Most Significant Recording – Mens, Ladies, Juniors

SKIPPERS – It is your responsibility to know your boat and it’s capabilities – ensure you have all of the relevant safety gear on board and please make sure you log on with VMR

As per usual, all recordings must be returned to the Weight Recorder within 14 days of returning from your trip

Any questions, please contact an AGFC Committee Member

Go get’em!


February 17th –  Plenty of action at the Kangaroo Island Club Trip!

There were some impressive captures recorded over the weekend, with 3 record applications amongst the results!

Some of the highlights included the Snadden brothers each landing a pending SBT record.  Cody’s fish was 13.7kg on 6kg and Braden’s was 19.7kg on 15kg.  Jacob Brook landed his first ever Tuna, and boated a 20.5kg fish on 8kg,   another pending record!                             

Shane Evans did the miles and got the smiles when he landed a 32kg SBT south of Saunders Bank.

Brad Smith set the bar of the Most Meritorius SBT for the season with a great fish of 17kg on 3kg which took 45 minutes to land.




Paul Williams managed to tag a BIG Bronze Whaler on the north coast of K.I. which he described as one of the biggest he has seen (and trust us when we say he’s seen a few!)  He estimated the shark to be 300kg and measured it at around 11foot, certainly around the upper end for the species.  The best part of the capture is they managed to also insert a Satellite Tag on behalf of the Southern Shark Ecology Group from Flinders University.   Exciting stuff, and well done to all!


February 23rd – Yorke Peninsula Report – by Aaron Komaromi

Yorke’s has been fishing well, with some awesome fishing on offer over the next couple of months. Tuna are now wide spread out from Marion bay with fish at Althorpe, Wedge and Kangaroo Island’s north coast. Tuna from 6kg up to around 25 kg are fairly common with the odd larger fish thrown in. There are loads of big sharks mixed in with the tuna for those that want to spend the time trying. Good numbers of small to medium kings have been caught around Althorpe and Wedge islands with schools of up to a hundred fish showing up. As the weather cools samson fish will start to appear in greater numbers around the off shore reefs and can be targeted on jigs or live baits. Those that want to target school sharks, snapper and table fish like nannys should try drifting the reefs out from Pondalowie Bay. These reefs produce an excellent mixed bag this time of year and are always worth a go before heading out wide.  Many of the beaches in the Marion Bay area have been producing good numbers of school mulloway a few salmon and small sharks for those fishing overnight. Ardrossan is still producing some great snapper with fish up to 12 kg coming from the barge and the long spit area. With the recent hot weather hammerhead sharks have been up on the surface and several good sharks have been caught in the area. There’s still a few rat kings hanging around the BHP jetty which are great fun on light gear.


March 2nd – Eyre Peninsula Report – by Jamie Crawford

Tuna have been the hot topic in our local fishing scene here on the EP over the past couple of months – as they have been in a lot of other regions in the state. The fish arrived early for us over here, with the first reported schools filtering in from early November onwards. By late Dec the schools were reliable over most of our usual reef systems, and at the time of writing (end of Feb) numbers are still good but the more accessible schools are starting to move on and become a bit more flighty.

 mr crawf sbt   jamie jigged sambo   offshore kingy

The majority of the SBTs have been standard school size of 8 to 14kg, but there have been patches of better fish around Rocky, Greenly and at the Cabbage Patch. We managed to score a 32kg fish at the Cabbage Patch around a fortnight ago amongst the usual sized fish. There was a 39kg fish caught by Ash Smith down there a week ago, so there are some better fish getting around.

Small to mid sized samsons have been quite reliable on some of the deeper drops offshore from the bottom of the Peninsula, with the better grounds including Rocky, Hummocks, and the Cabbage Patch. We got a few fish off the Cabbage Patch with a big mix of size from fish as small as 3kg up to good fish of 25kg. Kingfish have been a bit harder to locate of late, but there have been reasonable numbers of smaller fish around the Hummocks, with a few mid sized fish on the Cabbage Patch, mostly taken jigging. There have only been a handful of reported kings caught inside Greenly anchorage this season, with Heath Woodward landing a good fish of 34kg onboard WhyNot recently. There have been smaller samsons of 4 to 8kg inside the anchorage too, along with some big salmon to 5kg.

There have been some big bronzies hanging around the tuna schools at Rocky lately, along with a handful of smaller 4ft to 5ft makos out there as well as at the Cabbage Patch. One trailer boat had a solid white pointer at Rocky bite their outboard leg two days prior to writing this. There have been really good numbers of small to mid sized bronzies around Point Longnose (enterance to Coffin Bay) and along the coastline to Sir Isaacs, along with a few gummy sharks taking baits on the bottom at night, but there have been a lot of rays in between the few gummies.

                         offshore kingy          jamie snap

Snapper have been hit and miss on the drops in Lower Spencer Gulf recently. The Estelle Star fished okay for the first week after the opening of the season (spatial closure opening the Star on the 31 Jan). There were some good fish from 6 to 12kg caught, but they were hit pretty hard by local and visiting pros. We found some reasonable fish last week to around 5kg mixed in with red snapper on some lumps south of Port Lincoln.

Inside local bays for the bread-and-butter fisho’s there have been some good blue crab action, squid are starting to improve, but the whiting are a bit patchy inshore. There have been some better whiting found further afield out at the Group, and also down the Passage. There has been reasonable numbers of whiting inside Coffin Bay, but lots have needed measuring.


March 4th – General Meeting with special guest speaker Matt Heard


March – Wednesday 4th 7:00pm – Cumberland Arms Hotel – 205 Waymouth Street Adelaide

Matt’s presentation will include his extensive research into Tournament Angler’s Attitudes to Pelagic Sharks. He will also present some of the data from sattelite tagged Thresher and Blue Sharks.

Please rsvp at your earliest convenience.

See you there!
March 7th – 15th   –   Coffin Bay Tournament

March – Saturday 7th 6:00am – Sunday 15th 6:00pm

Categories: Most Meritorious Gamefish, Shark, Eagle Ray – Highest Point Scoring Angler – Tag and Release / Capture

Highest Point Scoring Boat


March 16th – Coffin Bay Tournament Report  – Shane Evans

The build up to the club’s annual Tournament at Coffin Bay saw many sleepless nights, with the excitement of how good the trip would be and it certainly did not disappoint.

With the boat in tow we headed off on the Thursday night straight after work and believe me, 5pm couldn’t come quick enough that day. After a quick snooze on the side of the road we arrived in Coffins early the next day.

We were new to the area and having not fished out from Coffins before, we considered it more of a reconnaissance trip and whatever we caught would be a bonus. We planned to fish hard for the next week but being blessed from the fishing gods saw us fish harder than expected. In fact over the week trip we only spent one night on land.

The trip out to Greenly Island on the first day saw loads of school sized Southern Bluefin from Point Sir Isaac all the way to the island.  As fun as they are to catch, our mind was set on Kings and Samsons. Over the next few days we tagged and released a heap of mid-size fish. One day in particular we lost all of our live baits to fish that we couldn’t even get a turn of the reel on!


       IMG_1500       IMG_1569

Fishing for Kings in the anchorage at Greenly was frustrating due to the amount of large Bronze Whaler sharks. All were tagged and released included one that was estimated at 250kg and took 1 hour 15 mins to subdue on 24kg. This was a big healthy female that still wore fresh breeding scars. Once the tag was inserted she was released to fight another day.

IMG_1530    IMG_1482   IMG_1572

The last day in particular stands out to me and really topped off the trip. Early morning saw us heading out for one more try before the long haul home.  With the livey tank full, our expectations were high. Shortly after sunrise we had sounded up a huge school of fish which turned out to be Samsons. It was impossible to even get to the bottom as they were that hungry! With over 20 fish tagged before lunched I called in the mercy rule and we made our way back in before the 600km trip home to Adelaide that day.


It will be great to see some more boats head across for the 2016 tournament,  I know I will be there.    


Whyalla based AGFC Member Scott Kriticos enjoyed some solid shark action whilst fishing the Coffin Bay Tournament.  As well as tagging some big Bronze Whalers, Scott also captured the shark pictured below.  It weighed 160kg and was landed on 15kg line.  Nice to also see Steve Bence also getting in on the action!

  IMG_4513   P1020541   P1020553


March 21st – that’s not a kingfish…..now THAT’S A KINGFISH!

AGFC member Matt Forrest landed a true giant today! Whilst fishing offshore from Port Lincoln on Saturday, Matt  landed a yellowtail kingfish that most of us will only ever dream of catching.  Matt is well set up on his boat Jolly Roger and managed to weigh the fish in a custom made sling before releasing it in great condition.  It bottomed out the tested 50kg scales instantly and would have certainly given the World All Tackle Record of 52kg a shake. (ed. personally I think it would have smashed it!)   Just as impressive, is that he landed it on 15kg mono.  It measured a massive 168cm and will no doubt go down as one of his finest ever captures.  Congratulations Matt. 

                                                matt 50kg king


March 23rd – Ben Continues To Rip It Up!

Congratulations go to AGFC Small Fry Ben Rippin who recently won a meritorious prize in the GFAA National Junior Tournament. Ben is having a ripping season having caught SBT, Snapper, Kingfish, School and Hammerhead Shark and also an Eagle Ray, qualifying him for a club grand slam award. Well done Ben!Ben


                  Ben Rip King

April 3rd – 6th   –   Easter Light Tackle Challenge

April – Friday 3rd 6:00am – Monday 6th 6:00pm


Restricted to 6kg line and under  – MONOFILAMENT LINES ONLY – Open to all GFAA species

Categories: Most significant recording: Mens, Ladies, Juniors