With the Summer holidays now behind us, reports are filtering through about what some of you guys have been up to.  Read on below to see what some other Members have been catching.  

Jamie CrawfordI recently took my boat down to North Neptune Island, where we managed to find a few patches of Tuna.  We got several fish in the 10 – 15kg bracket – not big fish, but a fun size!  All were taken on the troll using bibbed minnows and skirts.  We tried casting soft plastics to a few free-swimmers around the boat but no joy.  Later that day, we hit a jumbo patch of Australian Salmon on the southern side of the island and had a ball catching these guys.  I’m looking forward to taking some lighter gear and playing around with these fish for a bit longer next time.

Martin Wilson I have had a great season at Port Augusta last year, getting a few kingies in the boat with mates.  I eventually tagged and released a King estimated at 17kg on a popper which is something I won’t forget in a hurry!  Lately I have been getting out when I can in between the weather and have been trying to tag a few different species.  We have been catching some good Snapper out from Ardrossan.  Most recently I have been chasing the Tuna at Cape Jervis with my biggest so far at 22kg which was good fun on light gear.  It is great to see them around in such big numbers this year!

Matt Kanafa  With Matt Warren on board, we shot across Gulf St. Vincent from North Haven in search of some big reds.  We starting catching them before the sun went down and just as things were starting to fire up, the wind started to blow!  We landed 9 big fish and 5 smalls.  Obviously we kept only our bag limit and released all others, meaning I had some fish for the table.

Matt Baird – As a fairly new Member of the Club I have enjoyed learning the ‘art’ of tagging and releasing fish and more recently trying to record my Grand Slam.  I have appreciated the help, tips and general community that this Club offers.  Recently I had one of my best sessions when the Snapper were really on and the conditions were an absolute millpond (perfect for my little tinny!)  My friend and I were getting double hook-ups on most casts, so I began to gear down further, until I was down to my 8lb bait catching outfit.  Now I know 4kg is pretty heavy for some of the veterans (ed. he must mean old guys) of this Club, but for me it was an awesome challenge, and tripled my fight time whilst still being able to release the fish.  My best fish was 17lb on 8lb line which had me buzzing especially as it was on a soft plastic.  It was a magical day.  –  On another note, I am only one fish away from my Grand Slam.  I only need a Tuna, Kingfish or Samson, so if I can bribe my way on to a boat, I might just get there!

Rhys Davies –  Stephi and I went recently headed out for the Family and Ladies weekend tournament.  With the weather supposed to be bad, we headed in to the Port to hassle some Eagle Rays on light line.  It turned out to be superb conditions as you can see in the pics.  All of the rays looked to be small once spotted,  so out went the 2 and 3kg outfits!  Stephi did a great job landing 3 Eagle Rays up to 9kg and I did a great job of losing her best fish of the day on the leader, it looked to be around 12kg….on 2kg!

John Marsh – Over the holidays I spent some time with the Family down at Victor Harbor.  With reports of Tuna coming in early, Nick and I tried our luck and managed to boat 2 Southern Bluefin for the morning.  The biggest was 17kg which I was very pleased with.  With a couple of Tuna taken care of, we went looking for a shark.  The end result was a 23kg Hammerhead on 3kg line.  It is a pending State and National Record, and is one of those records which a few of us guys have been chasing for some time now.  Time to put the 3kg in the rack guys.

Brad Smith – Over the holiday break I visited South West Rocks NSW, where I caught up with an old mate Lawrie McEnally.  He took me out for a fish but unfortunately it was one of those days where it was absolutely dead.  Anyway, it was great to get out there and have a go with one of the legends of Australian fishing.  From there I went to the Gold Coast and caught up for dinner with the editor of BlueWater magazine Tim Simpson. (He passed on his regards to all at the AGFC, and can’t wait to get back down here to catch a big Red) After hearing how keen I was to have a shot at a little Marlin, he contacted his local club, the Gold Coast Game Club.  One of their Members, Andrew Ryan invited me to fish the Light Tackle Masters Tournament later that week and before I knew it we were out there trolling!  We raised several Billfish and hooked a few, but unfortunately they didn’t stay connected.  We caught some Mahi Mahi, Wahoo and small Tuna in what was a brilliant few days.  The GCGC certainly run a good Tournament and it was awesome just to be involved in such an event.  It was great to meet some new guys who love fishing as much as we do. Now Andrew is scheming on how to get down here for a shot at a big King!  Stay tuned…

Reel Action Charters – Adam Todd, Rhys Davies and Brad Smith travelled to Marion Bay for a day trip on board Raptor with Mark and Damon.  With a less than ideal start to the day weather wise, it was a late start for the boys.  But after the weather settled down, they were in to it and found plenty of Tuna around Althorpe Island.  After tagging a few, they went off to try their luck on the bottom.  Adam and Rhys had a double hook up on a pair of big Gummy Sharks, which both went back with a tag, great stuff!  Damon chipped in with a nice Blue Morwong shortly after.  Before pulling stumps Mark had a visit from a very flighty little Mako.  It took one swipe at his bait before unfortunately disappearing, and closing yet another great day down at the bottom end.




Jamie Crawford – Neptune Islands SBTtuna2
Martin Wilson – Cape Jervis SBT & Port Augusta Kingfish

Matt Kanafa and Matt Warren – Ardrossan Snapper

Stephanie Ebel with an Eagle Ray on 2kg!

john hammer
John Marsh – 23kg Hammerhead on 3kg

Brad Smith – Gold Coast Mahi Mahi

Adam and Rhys with a pair of SBT from the Althorpes
Mark Snadden – Althorpe Island SBT